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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deep South

When i have something on my mind,
i cant think beyond the second line.
Trying to frame something fine,
i cant figure whats beyond the salty lake of time.

Still i have something to remember,
sinking ships and burning embers,
treasures locked in hidden chambers,
and dragonflies with haunted reindeers.

And behold the wonderous cloud,
that rained in vain and thundered loud,
upon the valley of the ruthless crowd,
just one could have the marvel renowned.

Still unsung was the lonesome lad,
firm and keen but grimly clad.
Floating along in his trireme,
he ascended upon a solemn stream

The crowd fought for the single draught,
of the elixir that angels sought.
Brothers all slain till one survived,
only to stand at the edge of his life.

Regarding the lad,
he was osiris - the lord of death.
Eyes gleamed in ambush,
and a fiery breath.