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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Questions unaswered

My first post was related to god in some way. The question that has been a perturbing factor for humans since time immemorial is whether there really exists such a divine entity who has got his control over lives of all of us and who has no form or volume same as particles of gas? Is god superficial or superlative?

If that is a being that was never born and most certainly will never die or had he been born in some way? Was he the creator of the earth or was earth created by 'The Big Bang'? If there was a big bang then why did that happen? If that happened due to unbalanced forces then why were these forces unbalanced? How have the species evolved? Is the story of Adam eating an apple and falling to earth merely a story or is it a case of history becomes a legend and legend becomes myth? Why do elements behave the way they do?Where do our souls go after we die (if souls are seperable at all)? Does life exist on any other planet in this form or any other form? Is there a different means by which animals communicate with each other or are they making some inventions or discovery which we have not bothered ourselves to know about?

The list of questions goes on and on and on till almost infinity. But the relatively most difficult question for me here is whether god is really there or not and answering this question would be like reaching infinity. Many of us are believers,many disbelievers and many are agnostic. I too am agnostic and can't find a reason why I should believe in god (or even disbelieve). The adhoc assumption of existence of god as a being provides a reason of how life originated but this leads to more and more complex questions.

Most of us go to temples, tell their wishes to their own selves thinking they are reaching god and thank god for every good happening and curse the devil for every trouble that befalls over them. Going slightly to the extreme there have been many who claim they have seen god. But as god is formless, in what form was he seen. If they have seen him having no form then how was he actually identified or even seen. But if they have seen him in a form they are acquainted to (like Ganesha) shouldn't we merely rate it as their hallucination.

So who or what is god?
According to some god is a spirit or being that is responsible for controlling some part of universe or life. This way we can assume more gods than there are beings on earth to exist and can arguably call Michael Jordan the god of Basketball or Jimmy Page the god of guitar. And we are all gods or have gods inside us since we atleast control some part of our lives.
Others believe that god is the one that is the creator of universe including all its mechanisms and life forms. So I believe god to be a force that prevailed at the time when universe was created and that is responsible for creation of the universe.
But don't think that belief of the believers is futile. It is this belief that keeps them untouched from doing wrong and most importantly helps them face hard times. When I was about eight, my dad told me this story that I appreciated a lot:

"There was a man walking in a desert. He was making his journey smoothly without any difficulty. When he saw the sand he saw that there were two shadows - one was certainly his own and the other belonged to god. But one day he ran out of water. In addition he saw that one of the shadows was gone. But soon he reached an oasis and refilled his water supply and the shadow came back. After that each time he ran into trouble one of the shadows disappeared and after his problem was solved, it reappeared. Finally he started cursing god and said that he only remains with him in his happy times and disappears in his difficulty. God came and said to him that - the one shadow that remains in your hard times belongs to me and I save you by carrying you through that time."

As the riddle of god is unveiled more such riddles are bound to arise and more solutions will be found. We will continue expanding our thoughts further as we have been doing since time immemorial. After all this is what evolution is all about.


  1. bhai...its da same old doubt...& u didnt put any new views.....u r jst a fence the blog ws really well thought and contemplative....likked it...but i enjoyed our conversation better....and everything is done by god....till the truth is discovered....

  2. i feel a few things support us during bad phases of life, when we really need it.. And and for most of us that is faith.. when we loose faith in us, our faith in others helps us.. even if its of no use.. wtsay.. it helps us in living through the hard times.. isn't? Our positivity makes us strong and it doesn't matter from where we derive it!!

  3. hhmm...I guess,we all do ask this unanswered question, some or the other time in our lives...

    Most of us dont really care of his existence in our merry times but, as soon as our boat shakes while passing turbulent waters,we start asking questions :)

    Anyways, I believe his(dont ask me why not her...) existence depends on individual's instincts. You can call evidences as mythology or scientific findings as manipulations. So, any logic doesnt really matters. What matters is what suits you :) If you want to follow him, you will find reasons and if you dont, then also you can have excuses. And ofcourse, if you want to hang in-between, you believe both !

    I say, nature is God...because that suits my definition :)

    But yes, if it is possible for you to love somebody, you have never seen, never heard or never felt....
    nothing would seem impossible then :)

  4. there are a lot of things in life which science fails to explain... or hasn't yet found d answers too. we humans are all vulnerable souls...if not god we depend on other people, other things..god is just a form given to the hope or the positive energy people wish to have or believe doesnt really harm in believing in that energy even if you are not visiting your place of worship be it temple, church, mosque, gurudwara etc etc.. all forms of the positive energy...the hope...

  5. @Apurva bhaiya
    i put my views be it new or not. I put them as lightly as i could since i have no trace of surity regarding this topic. Regarding our conversation, i always feel that face to face conversations are always better since they give everyone more chance to respond. Thinking about the fact that everything is done by god i had mentioned that the adhoc assumption of existence of god answers many questions but raises many more.
    @Relentless seeker
    i believe you are right in the fact that we have to find our own god but i cant understand it when you said that if you dont believe in god you may have your 'EXCUSES'.

  6. Science is all about finding things about which we have not known(and which we have given the name god).The quest for finding god has helped in many new findings. Sun was believed to be a god earlier(it still is but not the same way) but studying it gave a new branch of science - fusion reactions. And there is a difference in saying that 'the sun god has got angry' and 'the sun has come closer to earth due to revolution of earth' in our reasoning of why summers are hot.

  7. alrite...actually it was a typo error I would say :) I guess interchanging excuses with reasons would do, isnt it ?

    and yes, you are absolutely right when you say curiosity leads to questions and consequently to answers not only for a particular question but to many others too.

    But, again if questions are giving you a chance to explore something new its fantastic but if its just to shake faith of others(for whom it could be the only fall-back option), then...aham..aham..its not that constructive :)

    wat say ???

  8. hey, then.
    well, firstly..i agree above..there werent a lot of new ideas, or your own thoughts just present a lot of second person views.
    not a lot of people face that question, for whatever reason..i did once, and i respect the rituals and everything, but i have my own notion of a could say it keeps me sane :)
    and there are people who believe in god in its something they've come to hear about, and have taken for granted..and others who stop believing simply because initial faith brought out no results in their favour(the part where you talk about wishing wishes and praying)..i think it goes further than that, further than someone who just created the universe, or moves us like puppets..i would opine that force..put humans on earth, set them could someone interfere in so many lives simultaneously and still make everything work out fine? im not disbelieving in a god anytime, just that i dont think he would be reduced to that role, trying to manipulate everything..humans are themselves meddling creatures by default, more would be required, i guess :)
    i think you couldve made the article more opiniated..i like that you took it up though (as you can probably tell by now). cheerio..looking forward for more opinions.

  9. @aditi:
    you are perfectly agreeable in everything you said here :)

    @relentless seeker & Aurora black:
    the point here is that even if i try to shake the faith of another person about god then it might do him more benefit than loss. He might be forced to think about things more closely and be a bit skeptical. People don't have to rely on god for anything but on themselves only.